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For Actors Who are Human First...

Sakile Actor's Studio

Class Descriptions

The 4 Session Series

You can use these 4 one-on-one sessions for $100 off, within a two month period to allow for flexibility, to prepare for a specific role or audition, vocal coaching, to work on an artistic block that needs more time and individual attention, to get assistance with goal setting and career guidance (i.e. headshots, finding reps, repertoire building) or for a hands on approach to create and craft a theatre reel. In-Person (NYC) and Online options available. Just choose the day and time for your first session and we can go from there!

+Accompanist Fee if Needed

One-on-One Sessions

Individual Coaching, In-Person (NYC) or Online, for scenes, songs and monologues for on-camera and theatre auditions with the option to tape auditions while I read for you. We can work on script analysis, emotional prep, how to self-tape, live audition skills and more. Option to Record Session for reference or self-tapes.

+Accompanist Fee if Needed

The Story & The Song Class

This acting & song class for all levels and music styles can get you out of your head and into your heart! In this monthly rolling class we will work on learning Acting Technique the first two weeks of the month and then integrating that technique into song the last two weeks of the month (In-Person Classes will have a live accompanist). Although the Meisner Technique is the focus, we will work on implementing other valuable techniques, such as Linklater Voice, Clown and more, as well to encourage well-rounded artistry. You can continue class for as little as one month or as many months as you want! Along with class, students also receive 20% off One-on-One Prep and any other SAS events (Masterclasses, workshops or panels), access to discounted music therapy and affordable, fun theatre outings!

Classes are capped at 8 in order to maintain intimacy and to maximize individual attention.

Each session starts the first week of each month.

Acting Weeks-2 hours (NYC)/1.5 Hours (Online) 

Singing Weeks-3 hours (NYC)/2.5 Hours (Online)

Current Class Openings:

Wednesdays at 7pm ET (Online)

Saturdays at 1pm ET (Online)

E-mail for more details or to set up a short phone call!

*The next session starts the Week of March 4th


In order to uplift and create equity in the world of the arts, ALL BIPOC, non-binary and trans artists and artists who have disabilities are eligible to receive 40% off for Online Group Classes and 20% off for In Person Group Classes.


E-mail for One-on-One Coaching Scholarships!

2 Anxious Actors Podcast


In this podcast, Gianna Rapp and I will discuss the work, lives and mental health of creative artists. Every other Monday, we plan to address topics like anxiety, dating, different acting techniques, parenting as a performer, arts education, current events and more! Sometimes we will also have some amazing guests to come chat with us!

The Workshop Series

*Next Workshop TBD*

Finding Your True Voice Workshop

w/ Midori Nakamura 

Don't miss out on working with this incomparable teacher on the Linklater Technique that will help you free and discover your authentic voice!

Saturday, January 6th from 1-3pm ET & Sunday, January 7th from 1-3pm ET on Zoom

Abot SAS

the Story behind SAs!

Why is it called Sakile Actor's Studio?

I started out convinced I NEVER wanted to use my name in the title of my studio (it felt like a big ego trip to me and some imposter syndrome probably), but I realized my name has meaning beyond myself. Sakile means "peace and beauty" in Zulu and Sakile is also the name of a township in South Africa. My middle name Camara means "the one who teaches from experience." I spent a lot of time running away from my name, but now I embrace it!

I also decided to use the possessive form of actor's to show that the studio belongs to the actors and I am here to facilitate their journey. And so, "Sakile Actor's Studio" was formed!

Why did I Start SAS?

My name is Sakile Camara and along with teaching at Sakile Actor's Studio, I also currently teach at NYU Tisch School of The Arts, Lee Strasberg Studio. I have also worked at Pace University, Terry Knickerbocker Studio and Meisner and Music. I started teaching acting at The Children's Theatre Workshop at 18 years old under the tutelage of my Acting Professor at Howard University named Denise J. Hart. From there, while still living in D.C., I taught at the Smithsonian, Roundhouse Theatre and more!

I quickly realized that as I was teaching young people and adults, I was also healing some of the wounds that were created in my own education as an artist. In school, both implicitly and explicitly, I learned that I had to be "perfect" at all times and failure wasn't an option if you wanted to succeed. I also learned to hide my emotions away because they were seen as a weakness. But since graduating from college and taking amazing classes with incredible teachers and experiencing the professional acting world, I have learned that failure is where I find freedom and freedom is where I find me! I also learned that my emotional vulnerability is my strength as an actor. 

I am overjoyed to have started my own studio where I can bring those values to other artists. I use my experience with vocal technique, the Meisner Technique, Linklater, Clown and Grotowski technique to allow my students to discover their wholeness as artists. I try my best to create an environment where artists can be brave, be vulnerable and be themselves. My goal is to help my students find their voice professionally, emotionally, mentally and physically.  




Jade Abrielle | The 4 Session Series: MFA/Vocal Coaching

“Sakile’s One on One coaching is wonderful! The space she creates is full of honesty, support, and respect. I started training with Sakile for MFA audition prep. She was my rock through the entire process! Not only did I get detailed technique based training, but all of our work has made me a better storyteller. I DO NOT consider myself a singer. Sakile didn’t invalidate my thoughts about my skill set she honored what I felt and redirected me in a way that helped me to find the beauty that was in my voice all along. I now know what I genuinely love about my voice and I’m not so self conscious when things get messy or I feel I’ve missed the mark. Our work together has strengthened my self-trust in every aspect of my professional creative journey. I’ve actually had fun learning the more challenging things I’d usually shame myself out of trying. I’m excited to continue to develop, care for, and play with my vocal instrument after the MFA process is over."
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