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My name is Sakile Camara (she/her) and I am an actor originally from Washington, DC. I love living truthfully through a character's imaginary circumstances whether it be on stage, in front of the camera or in a voiceover studio bringing words on a page to life. After graduating from Howard University with a BFA in Musical Theatre I worked at The Kennedy Center numerous times, as well as Arena Stage and other amazing theatres in the DC area. I also worked on numerous projects as a Voice Actor for Graphic Audio, where I worked on many graphic novels, including Black Panther when I portrayed Shuri. Although I enjoyed acting in the DC area, I moved because I fell in love with the authenticity, creativity and fullness of NYC. Since moving, I have been blessed enough to book multiple roles on NBC, Showtime and Comedy Central.

My Teaching...

I currently teach Singing for the Actor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts/Lee Strasberg Studio and have recently opened my own studio, Sakile Actor's Studio. I have also taught at Pace University, Meisner in Music and Terry Knickerbocker Studio along with others. 

One of my most important philosophies as an educator, that is the backbone of how I teach, is creating a safe environment so my students are able to explore their fullness as human beings, first and foremost, and then as artists. Starting with ourselves as people also helps us connect even more deeply to the characters that we portray. I also believe that starting with our humanity helps to lead to a sustainable career that can be preserved through the many successes and disappointments that actors go through. Using my experience with the Meisner technique, Clown, the Linklater Technique, and many others, I seek to teach my students how to befriend uncertainty, cultivate play and deepen vulnerability in their work.



Sakile Camara 

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